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Big difference.
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I honestly don’t believe that the whole parenting journey is meant to be easy – for so many reasons – but for some of us raising our children may be experienced as one long struggle. That’s where I come in if you wish to see changes. It might take one short consultation session of 30 minutes or it might take several weeks but we will make every effort, collaboratively, to make those changes. 

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"My mission is to provide parents and carers with effective parenting strategies that aim to bring about the changes that they are looking for."

— Dr Soila Sindiyo

A Little about me

Dr Soila Sindiyo

HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist

I am an HCPC registered Doctor in Counselling Psychology and an accredited Positive Parenting Practitioner (Triple P). I am also a certified school and trauma specialist with the National Institute of Trauma and Loss, and I have extensive experience working with children and families.
I have several years of working within the NHS service with adults, children, young people and families. I have been working in private practice for almost 17 years – mainly supporting parents who are struggling with their children’s experiences and behaviour. I am also the founding editor of The Divorce Magazine.
Aside from my Doctorate, I also hold a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from The Open University and an MSc in Child Development from University College London (UCL).
Aside from my registration with the HCPC, I am also a gradutate member of the British Psychological Society and an accredited parenting practitioner of several Triple P programs.
Mission and Values

Nurturing Families, Empowering Parents

My mission is rooted in the belief that every parent deserves unwavering support and understanding as they navigate the intricate path of parenthood.