Co-Parenting after Divorce – The Child Arrangement Programme

Child Ar
Austin Chessell
Family Mediator
Family Solicitor
Feltons Solicitors

Here’s my interview Austin Chessell, a fabulous family mediator and family lawyer about the new Child Arrangement Programme or “CAP”.

Are you going through a divorce and are struggling to come to a suitable parenting plan that will suit you and your children?

If you so then this interview is definitely for you.

Reaching a good and child-friendly co-parenting plan can be hard but with the Child Arrangement Programme, it’s possible to cope with divorce in a way that will work for you and the children and therefore lowering any negative effects of divorce on children of divorce.

In these interviews, Austin answers questions such as:

In Part 1 of The Child Arrangement Programme:

–   What is a Child Arrangement Programme or “CAP”?

–   Getting divorced, do we need to apply for a Child Arrangement Programme?

–   Who can help me arrange for a Child Arrangement Programme?

–   Can I represent myself in court?

–   Do we need to go through family mediation or attend a MIAM?

–   Once the Child Arrangement Programme procedure is underway how many hearing are there? or When will it all be resolved?– Who or what is CAFCASS?

–   How can CAFCASS help?

–   Do Children have a say in the Child Arrangement Programme?

–   I want my time with my child to be reviewed will this happen?

–   What is a fact finding hearing?

–   What if I get an order and the agreement is not respected by the other parent is there anything I can do?

And much more.

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