When to be Concerned – Children of Divorce Video

When to be concerned about your child during/after the divorce?

Important to realise that the divorce will always be a watershed moment in your child’s life. 

What matters from here on is how you, as the parents, manage the divorce and your life after divorce as separated parents.  Will it be in a way where they can be allowed to still be children and grow and thrive between two households or will it be managed in a way where the children are not only caught in the middle of the two of you but that they grow up deep in the shadow of your divorce?

Fact: it’s not easy to parent when going through a divorce.  Sometimes we can miss things that indicate that the children aren’t coping as well as you would like them to.

So here are some indications that your child needs your attention and care or that you may need to contact a professional to help appease some of the stresses that they are going through.

  • Increased anger or quick to anger, including, in the case of toddlers, temper tantrums that last longer and are more intense and/or more frequent than usual
  • Regression – things that they used to be able to do but are not longer able to and require your assistance or unwilling to do
  • Withdrawal from family engagements, commitments or things that they used to like doing but have now lost interest in being part off
  • Behavioural changes visible either at home or outside the home or both.  Are you getting calls from the school.  Are they more rowdy or more quiet. What about at home?  Have you noticed anything that has changed with your child.
  • Eating and sleeping – they might eat a lot more than they used to or they might do the opposite and sleep and/or eat more than they used to.

If you’re concerned about your child, contact me and let’s take it from there.  Make use of your free consultation – that might be all you need to put things right again.



photo credit: I Need A Hug via photopin (license)

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