Co-Parenting after Separation and Divorce

Co-parenting with Deesah Philyaw and Michael D. Thomas


One of the most important interviews that I have ever done!

What’s amazing about this book is the fact that Deesha and Michael were once a married couple.

One of the questions they get all the time is that they must have had a very amicable break-up to have been able to sit down and not only co-author a book but do what some couples find really hard to do together: co-parent successfully.

But they did have those hard feelings and so do understand just what it means to work together for the sake of the children despite how you may feel about your partner.

For co-parenting to work well, there needs to be some level of trust.  Trust that the other person has the best interest of the children in their heart just as much as you do.

As I usually say, the divorce itself is an important occurrence in your child’s life, but what is even more important is how you manage this transition and the life after divorce.

  • How do you continue co-parent with a someone who is constantly sabotaging the co-parenting arrangement?
  • How do you manage school functions, Christmas and other important dates and anniversaries?
  • How do you introduce a new partner to your children and to your current co-parenting arrangement?
  • How important is it to honour your child’s relationship with his or her other parent?
  • How do you help your children thrive between two households?
  • What would they advice a mother who is holding her child hostage due to lack of child support payments?
  • What about a divorced father who chooses not to see his child for whatever reason?
  • How do you go about introducing a new partner into your life and that of your children?

There is so much more in this interview.

co-parentingDeesha Philyaw and Michael D. Thomas wrote this book on co-parenting as a means of helping divorced parents or separated parents to manage their co-parenting successfully.

After their divorce, they managed to work together to continue being a family and parents to their children.  They have so successfully done it that after numerous requests to “write a book” it is finally here:  Co-Parenting 101: Helping your kids thrive in two households after divorce. Practical Advice from a formerly married couple.
They are candid and practical about what it means to co-parent, how to do it and how to continue looking after and nurturing your children from two homes.

As it is often said, divorce ends your marriage but not your family.

Thank you Deesha and Michael!

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