Children of Divorce – Using Contact Centers

contact Centers
Family Mediator and Behavioural Mentor

Heather Brown, family mediator and behavioural mentor, speaks to us about contact centres.

For 7 years, Heather was manager of two contact centres and having had enquiries about contact centers in and around the UK, I couldn’t think of anyone better to ask about the services that are provided by these types of organisations.

Currently Heather works as a Family Mediator as well as a Managing Director and Behavioural Mentor with at risk teenagers with Present Future Solutions.

This interview carries so much information on the role and use of contact centers that I know for sure you or someone you know will greatly benefit from what Heather talks about.

Some of the questions answered are:

  • What role do contact centres or family contact centres play when it comes to co-parenting?
  • How can one find their nearest contact centre?
  • Once you find this contact center, can you self-refer or do you need a family court judge to do it for you, CAFCASS (Children and Families Court Advisory Services) or family lawyer?
  • Who pays for the service and how much is it?
  • Will I have to see my ex-partner at the contact centre? No, all arrivals and departures are staggered.

Heather goes on to talk about the different types of contact center services that there are and what they mean for each couple.  These are:

  • Supervised contact
  • Escorted or community contact
  • Handover
  • Supported contact

Heather makes it clear that contact centers are not only impartial but they also give support not only to the non-resident parent but to the resident parent too.  They are there as a short term solution to the current ongoing co-parenting problem.

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