Grandparent Alienation

 Grandparent Alienation

Grandparent Alienation
Jane Jackson founder of the Bristol Grandparent Support Group.


Unfortunately grandparent alienation affects approximately 1,000,000 children in the UK.

Jane Jackson started the Bristol Grandparent Support Group when she and her husband lost all contact with their 7 year old granddaughter after their son’s divorce.  That was 6 years ago.

Listen to her interview here as she tells us her story and offers advice on what you can do if you are in this situation.

Click here for the interview – 22 mins

    • How to regain contact?
    • Is the legal route the right way to go?
    • How to cope with grandparent alienation.
    • Do grandparents have rights?
    • Why join a grandparent alienation support group?


Read Jane Jackson’s story on her website –

“She said that she had been told to dump her family in Bristol. My son has had no contact with her either, no phone calls, emails, nothing, despite solicitors’ letters requesting contact. His ex-wife has now remarried and had another child.”

“A grandparent I know, in the same situation as ourselves, answered her door and there was a handsome young man standing there. He said: ‘Hi Gran, I have missed you.'”

And you can read Jane’s blogs here –

Did you know that you can have family mediation between grandparents and parents?   Check with your local family mediation organisations or here on the family mediation helpline.  They might be able to play a role in getting both parties to work on a parenting plan that will allow the children to keep in touch with you.

The thing with family mediation is that the people who mediate are there to help you work out something that will work for you.  They are totally impartial and only you set the agenda.


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