Managing Challenging Behaviour

If your child is demonstrating challenging behaviour there’s a way you can begin to deal with it today and that is keeping track of his/her behaviour.

At times managing challenging behaviour can be easier than you think.  All it takes is monitoring it for a while and you will be able to see the bigger picture which will then let you see what needs to be done.

Why do this?  Why monitoring your child’s behaviour will help in managing challenging behaviour.

Because it helps you see the following:

  • Patterns of Behaviour – this helps you see how often it occurs.  At times this maybe less often than you imagine or it may be more often than you thought


  • How consistently you react – reason for this is for you to see and discover if your reactions to dealing with this behaviour maybe playing a role in making it worse.  Consistent reaction and consistent ways of dealing with the problem is vital.


  • When the behaviour occurs – this helps you identify the high risk times or situations.  When the unwanted behaviour emerges, do check what happened before it did.  Location, time, situation and anything else that may have happened before.


  • Whether the challenging behaviour is changing – when you start dealing with the unwanted behaviour, it is good to see what improvements there are if any.  Maybe it’s happening less or maybe there are no changes or it may even be getting worse, in which case you may want to adopt another method of dealing with it as opposed to sticking with the same method.


  • Whether you have achieved your goals as planned – if you have then you will have equipped yourself with tools and skills for dealing with the challenging behaviour, techniques you may be able to apply in other areas as well:-)

If you would like to find out what method you could use to monitor your child’s behaviour let me know – 07850 85 60 66

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