Parenting after Divorce and Separation

Children and divorceIf there is one time in our lifetime when our parenting skills are tested to the limit, it would be during divorce and separation.

Parenting is already challenging as it is without the added factor of going through divorce and/or separation.

Who are my clients?

When it comes to divorce and separation issues, most of the clients I have worked with have needed help in one or two of the following areas:

  • Managing changes in a child’s behaviour following divorce or separation
  • How to tell the children about the divorce or separation
  • How to deal with Parental Alienation or when a parent is intentionally interrupting contact with the child or children
  • How to create an age appropriate, child-centred parenting plan be it in the same country or geographically separated

or any other issues, do contact me and we can take it from there.

About Parenting after Separation and Divorce

Private Consultations:  Parenting after Separation course runs usually for between 3 – 8 weeks (Skype, phone – @£95 per session or face-to-face @£110 per session).  Each session lasts 60 minutes.

Before beginning the course, there is an initial 90 min assessment of the presenting problem.  In this session, I conduct an initial interview, discusses options for intervention, and introduce you to at least one strategy or solution that will begin helping you and your family (Skype, phone –£142.5 or face-to-face – £165 per session).

Mini Private Consultation: This one off private consultation is 2 sessions maximum with each session lasting up to 90 mins – (Skype, phone –£142.5 or face-to-face – £165 per session). This is suitable for where there is one minor presenting problem.

Whatever concerns you have be it let’s work it out.  Contact me on 07850 85 60 66 or email me


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