Parenting Rights – No Show

Here’s an article in The Independent about a possible new law that aims to ensure that the resident parents doesn’t deny the non-resident parent contact following divorce or separation.

I read it cautiously as I was actually afraid of what I will find.

What I am happy about is that this is being looked into as, unfortunately, as we all know, there are parents who, for several reason, do deny the other parent contact.

But is this not already being dealt with by judges?  Is there something missing as things stand?

Read it here The Independent on Parents rights.

If you are a parent who is denying your child(ren) contact with the other parent, my questions to you would be

– What is your main concern if they were to spend regular time with their father/mother?

– What would need to change so that your child/ren can see their father/mother regularly?

– How is this benefitting your child/ren?

– Apart from the issues between the two of you, what other reasons do you have to not allow your child/ren to have a relationship with the other parent?


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