Supervised Contact Reports

When parents decide to go their separate ways, aside from manoeuvring their way through the   difficult and challenging emotions, there are usually some practical concerns that need to be addressed, including child contact arrangements.

This is where temporary Supervised Contact comes in.

This type of contact helps ensure that your child remains in regular contact with both parents as well as  making certain that your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing is tended too.

Another aspect of Supervised Contact that is often ignored, is that it provides you, the parent in this position, with time and space to engage freely with your child without fear of any allegations or charges being made towards you.

I am able to offer supervised contact both in homes and in the community.

Supervised Contact:

  • is followed by a full report after each visit
  • is an opportunity for you and I to enhance your parenting skills if need be
  • is subsequently followed by a final full and through report that you may be able to use in court proceedings

I have an current enhanced DBS certificate so being around children is ok.  Find out more about me here.

Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash