Parenting Consultation Testimonials

“The course, [Parenting Children of Trauma], has been very beneficial and it’s opened my eyes!  It’s made me think of the way I parent and to new and constructive ways of parenting which benefits me and my children”  – Father of Twins

Thank you for all the assistance that you provided me – it has been invaluable.”  – London, Father of two.

You’re wonderful – have really appreciated the way you’ve dealt with my specific situation. It’s been made easier by working with you. Thanks.  – Father of 3

I found Soila online and booked my sessions straight away. When I met Soila she immediately made me feel comfortable and at ease. I found I could ask anything without feeling embarrassed as my case in particular is a very hard one. Soila gave me all the advice and confidence I needed , throughout every session. She was kind and open hearted and also, never judgemental. I found I could be totally honest and felt ok with telling her every part of my long journey, which now she is also a part of. Thank you Soila for just being you . It’s been a honour to meet and work with you and I would recommend you highly anytime . God bless and also thank you for your added help with regards to my case, and Michelle 😁xx  – Mum of three

We asked Soila to help us to develop strategies to manage our children’s behaviour. Our six year old could be aggressive and rude which had caused problems in  childcare. Our three year old was defiant and keen on writing on walls. As parents we enjoyed using praise, were quite comfortable with ignoring minor naughtiness but lacked effective strategies to manage  challenging behaviour. Soila worked with us over three sessions. She observed our parenting practice and suggested ways to build on good strategies we already had and put in place a  few new ones. The interventions were very effective, Soila helped us brush up our communication skills, set realistic goals and enforce appropriate consequences. – Parents of two

The course and Soila were at all times very, informative, accessible and encouraging. Some of the information was polishing what I knew already, but sometimes with a fresh take on it. But also gave me information and skills I’d never considered. 

This was a very worthwhile course and I’d wholeheartedly recommend both it and Soila to anyone seeking this sort of parenting support.” – SB

Soila is a knowledge, empathetic and invested teacher. You won’t find anyone better at teaching Positive Parenting.”  Parent in Hampstead

Thank you for everything Soila!  I really appreciate and understand what I got from the course.  I got to know a lot about children’s behaviour and how to help them as they grow. Very helpful! – Abdidhair

My wife and I recently completed a positive parenting course with Soila that was split over 4 weeks. The course was very helpful, and Soila an excellent educator. We learnt a lot and are enjoying putting what we learnt into practice  – AB/KS
Soila is very helpful, offering a detailed personalised service. Everything was explained clearly and instructions understood. I have used this practice several times now, for different things as the breadth and spectrum of what is offered is vast. I would highly recommend. Definitely a one stop shop for parents like myself who need assistance whether it be with parenting courses or coping with struggles of separation. Excellent stuff.  Parent East London 

“…with your help seems to have helped change my attitude and therefore improved mine and my son’s relationship immeasurably! I realise now it is not about controlling but teaching and better to say nothing than something in anger.. I often refer back to the notes  I made while talking on line hope to meet you in person someday! …just seeing your smiling face for an hour a week was such a tonic and a reminder to smile and be happy 🙂 it really helped to use the online service to make any contact and support possible! ” – A Parent, London

Taking parenting lessons with you..it has made already such a big change in our lives!…Thanks very much for catching up with us. We are very grateful for all your help, and still working on using all tips and tricks  learnt.” – Parents of Twins 

Soila has been a great support to me during this very difficult time.  She was understanding, empathetic and professional.  What impressed me the most was Soila’s detailed follow-up from our calls where she took the time and effort to write out scripts for me to use with my children.  It was great to know I had a trusted professional to advise and guide me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Soila.  –  Helen, London

Soila is a real ‘Earth Mother’ whose energy of caring and nurturing permeates her work and nourishes everyone she meets…She has great empathy and intuitive wisdom and gathers extraordinary people to her. I am proud to have worked with Soila and I highly recommend her where you need the gift of feminine wisdom and intuitive energy. – Rachel Elnaugh

Soila is very passionate about helping families come through divorce “in one piece”. She is one of the few people I know who walks her talk when it comes to supporting people through difficult challenges and trauma. She will help you gain back control believing in yourself and others once again. Authentic, compassionate, deeply generous, and a spirit that optimises everything she teaches. Soila naturally lifts up everyone around her. – Griselda

This is an excellent course, and very insightful as it’s coming from someone who has been through a divorce… There are some expressions that I’ve been using that I didn’t realise could have an impact of my child’s behaviour. As I say, an excellent course which I know I’ll be referring to often. – Alexandra

When I read one of Soila’s articles for the first time, I realised her work was different: a competent and knowledgeable approach, yet simple and direct… Soila combines a sound knowledge of such delicate matters together with appropriate support techniques for parents and children in these circumstances. Soila demonstrates with her every day work she is one of the few professionals in the UK who does acknowledge and understands children’s issues associated with divorce… I would certainly recommend divorced parents who need guidance for their children’s sake to get acquainted with Soila’s work, read her books, visit her blog, attend her course or talk to her. – A Parent, London

As a mother currently going through divorce, this course gave me key insights on how to best support my children and be alert to some of the emotions that may be going through. Easy, concise and clear, this course has been a blessing. Thank you, Soila. – Shannon

“Thank you for your care, love and advise….” – Sylvia, London

“Soila helped me immensely when I was having trouble in my marriage. In our first session, she immediately put me at ease. One thing she said that i’ll never forget is “which ever way it goes you’ll be fine.” She helped me draw out my own feelings about the situation and what I wanted to do. She also helped me recognise how my children were dealing with what was happening. I came out of our session so much more confident that everything was going to be ok.

Soila is a consummate professional and has that rare quality that immediately makes you trust her completely. I would whole heartedly advise you to get in contact if you find yourself in a similar situation.” – Andrea, London

“Thank you so much for everything, I feel so great, thanks for the many pats on my back 😀 I really needed that reassurance, and I enjoyed our session so much, thank you so very much… I feel so uplifted, thanks to you, and also knowing, you have seen many woman in the same situation, and reassuring me, I am doing fine, this is just what I need….,” – Caroline, Switzerland

Soila, you have such an approachable manner, clients will feel safe and at ease with you. Possibly due to your previous professional experience, you have no problem developing rapport quickly and can pace your questioning to the client’s needs. You show empathy and warmth and are able to assess their capacity for mediation well. – Sue Tilley, National Family Mediation Trainer

Simple, easy course to follow with loads of useful insights – Thank you! – Ian

Speaking Engagement Testimonials

“Soila provides an excellent talk that not only educates, but also inspires professionals and parents alike to access better ways of parenting. Whether supporting clients through their parenting journey, or guiding parents themselves on how better to communicate without conflict, Soila offers talks and trainings that are accessible, and presented with great confidence and great warmth.” – Suzy Miller, Divorce Strategist


“Soila has delivered a Triple P Group course on behalf of Brilliant Parents in Autumn 2017.  Soila, by nature has a very calm and approachable demeanour, which the parents immediately took to i.  She maintained her numbers throughout the course, which is testimony to the relationship she had with the parents.  From a commissioning point of view, Soila was keen to deliver the course with all the Brilliant Parent nuisances and to our high standards.  I would not hesitate to commission Soila again.” – Meave Darroux founder of Brilliant Parents

“I thought the content was very interesting and engaging.  You kept everyone listening, which takes some doing to be honest.  I thought your examples were really useful and certainly made me think about the service we offer.” – Teresa Harris – Woolley & Co Solicitors

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